With the May 2022 national elections nearing, the SFI Group of Companies  with the support of the Christian Values Movement hosted “Nation Building”, a community engagement event that brought together team members across its various affiliate organizations in an environment where they can listen, reflect, and discuss how to choose the nation’s leaders in a Christ-centered way.

The first batch of participants, representing four SFI Group affiliates including Servicio Filipino, joined Uplift Movement Foundation, Inc. president Pastor Bong Saquing for his morning talk on 22 April 2022.

Pastor Bong guided the participants through an examination of decision-making culture and responsible citizenship, citing examples from other countries in Asia and illustrating how the Philippines can achieve similar success through the wisdom of Christ. A select number of participants were at the venue, while others tuned in remotely from their respective offices or homes especially SFI team members in the company’s regional offices.

In the afternoon, participants broke off into groups to discuss their key takeaways and plans of action for the coming polls.

Hosts, guests, and participants specifically avoided endorsing any particular candidates for the duration of the event, focusing on points and concerns that everyone can agree on regardless of political color. Through this mindset, the SFI Group encouraged participants to sharpen their decision-making process and internal compass so that they can make informed decisions on the best candidates to vote for.

On 27 April, remaining SFI Group affiliates conducted a similar activity, with Pastor Bong again providing a talk and the participants collaborating in the afternoon. A joint committee of SFI Group team members from different affiliates oversaw the conduct of activities on both dates, with the support and approval of the Board of Directors and each affiliate’s top management.