This March and April 2022, Servicio Filipino, Inc. seized opportunities to build employees’ knowledge and capabilities to perform in alignment with current labor standards and respond to fire emergencies.

On 31 March, SFI participated in a Labor-Only Contracting joint training that discussed up-to-date labor laws and policies pertaining to legitimate and illegitimate practices in the human resource industry. In addition to core units and teams within SFI, fellow SFI Group affiliate companies also participated in the whole-day training.

On 5 and 12 April respectively, SFI partnered with the Quezon City Bureau of Fire Protection to conduct a fire emergency preparedness webinar and a fire drill to help employees review and practice fundamental fire emergency response protocols and relevant applicable knowledge.

SFI through its safety & health committee and HRAd team spearheaded the said activities in line with the organization’s vision, mission, and values and as part of continuous efforts to thrive in the current economic and industrial climate.