Job Decription

  1. Sweeping dried leaves from gate 1 to gate 2, in front of the lobby and driveway and the whole parking of PCPD.
  2. Sweeping backside of PCPD Admin Office.
  3. Cleaning and sweeping all roof decks in the mahogany area.
  4. Sweep and mop fire exit stairs.
  5. Maintain the cutting of grass in the flagpoles area, pandakaki area, gate 1 & 2 area.
  6. Soil cultivation, watering the plants.
  7. Report the malfunction of equipment.
  8. Plant and transplant flowers.
  9. Maintain gardens by natural fertilizing, trimming, and ensuring that plants receive making adequate water.
  10. Prune trees and hedges in ways that help the plants be safe and look good.
  11. Planting (purchasing and organizing etc.)
  12. Pruning and cutting hedges.


– With housekeeping and gardening experience
– High school Graduate
– 25-40 years old
– MALE only
– Willing to work in a hot environment


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