Being in the late stage of the COVID-19 pandemic poses its own set of unique challenges for every sector of society. For the Philippine economy, sustaining the progress made towards making industrial and commercial activities safer for both businesses and customers is a challenge that requires consistency, responsiveness, and a targeted approach.

When it comes to these desirable factors, Integrated Facilities Management is exactly the thing you need. Here’s why IFM is your key to business continuity.

IFM has everything you need – just take your pick.

From the word integrated itself, IFM offers a diverse line of services that correspond to the dynamic needs of businesses, from cleaning and sanitation to project management to technical services. Outside of their core operations, businesses have many other processes that support the accomplishment of immediate and long-term goals. These are the processes that IFM addresses in order to create value for clients. The range of services means that you never have to worry about not being able to get what you need – pick what is essential for your business continuity and let your IFM provider take care of it.

IFM brings together the best professionals for the highest service standards.

Being an integrated approach places performance and consistency under greater scrutiny from clients, who will expect at least the same level of service delivery from every component. This is why IFM service providers only deploy the most capable and qualified professionals to carry out their services, upholding industry standards that are far above typical service models. With IFM, there are no weak links and none of your needs will get left behind.

IFM is self-managed, so you can focus on what you want.

IFM services involve professionals and teams who exhibit initiative without straying from your business objectives. In fact, IFM is all about doing what you need done exactly the way you want it with only minimum essential input from you. It frees you from micromanaging every single aspect of your business down to specific tasks. The time and resources you free up through IFM’s self-regulating nature can be refocused on your core business, especially the aspects that you feel will help you thrive in the New Normal.

IFM gives you consolidated control for easier coordination.

Rather than force you into a setup where you have to talk to many different people just to have your needs addressed, you’ll have one point of contact with IFM. This reduces response delay, which is ideal for urgent scenarios that come up due to the pandemic. The more efficiently your needs are fulfilled, the better your resiliency will be.

IFM does away with unnecessary costs.

Redundant services and multiple service providers are a thing of the past with IFM. Getting all your needs from one IFM partner means you only have to deal with one provider’s rates, while getting only what you need and cutting out the possibility of overlapping services. The savings you get will surely be of better use for pursuing growth or securing stability amid the current crisis.

IFM promotes a consistent customer experience.

What you get with one service component, you get with everything – that is the ethos behind IFM, and that applies to what your clients experience too. Rest assured that your team and your customers will enjoy the same attentiveness, responsiveness, and care from each IFM professional working to support your business.

IFM moves with the times.

IFM was born of the necessity to adapt outmoded managed services models for the 21st century. This developmental and adaptational attitude ensures that IFM will always be responsive and adequately equipped to respond to current and emerging needs. Professionals deployed under IFM undergo upskilling to keep their capabilities sharp and relevant.

These characteristics of integrated facilities management show why it’s the approach that will help your business survive and thrive in the New Normal. When your resiliency depends on the way you take care of your business, there’s no better choice than partnering with an IFM provider.

Does IFM sound better than everything else you’ve considered amid the pandemic? Share your thoughts below. And if you’d like to take your first step to experiencing what IFM can do for you, book your appointment with our team today!

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